"The big news for this year is the release of the DynoJet Datalink Module for OBDII Applications. The new device, named the "DJ-DLM", provides real time data from the OBDII port on all 1996 and newer vehicles. This data is available to be viewed live in the dynamometer software, WinPEP 7, and is also recorded into the dyno run.

Imagine being able to review OBDII data, such as spark advance, throttle position, engine coolant temperatures, inlet air temperature, calculated load, and numerous other parameters right along side your dyno results. Dynojet Research is known for its ultra consistent and repeatable line of chassis dynos, and now with the DJ-DLM, consistency will be brought to a new level."
--- Dan Hourigan, VP of Dynamometer Sales
MODEL 224x
This Dynamometer features 24" knurled, precision balanced drums. The large drum diameters provide a virtually flat, stable surface for tire contact, eliminating unnecessary slippage and tire deformation. The result is precise, repeatable results every time. The Model 224x is rated at 1500 hp+, 1500 ft/lbs torque and up to 200 mph making it perfect for diagnosing engine and driveline problems, tuning and repair on most street driven vehicles. Model 224xLC
This Model 224xLC can perform load tests including step, sweep and loaded roll-on. Closed loop load testing is also available by targeting engine RPM, speed or percentage of load. A simple click of the mouse or keyboard can turn the 224xlc from an eddy current dynamometer back into an inertia only dynamometer or vice versa. The torque cell calibration routine takes less than a minute to perform Model 224xLC
Shown with Optional Above ground deck and 4-post lift

The Dynojet 424 Linx System is a simple, highly efficient design that incorporates a high speed Multi-V Rib Belt and pulleys that eliminates potential speed differentials between the dyno drums. This technology will allow you to test modern AWD vehicles without the fear of potentially damaging the center differentials, or activating intrusive stability control systems. It is also useful for those 2wd performance vehicles that require all four wheels to be rotating in order to avoid "reduced power mode." The 424 Linx will also retain the full flexibility of your 424x or 424xLC2, just simple press a button to set the desired wheelbase.

Model 248x
MODEL 424x
Dynojet now gives you the ability to run front wheel, rear wheel, and all wheel drive vehicles all on the same dyno. This Model 424x is comprised of a pair of state-of-the-art 224x's, capable of measuring 1500 + all wheel horsepower each. Horsepower and torque measurements can be done on front and rear wheels separately or front and rear wheels combined. This makes tuning or troubleshooting any part of the drivetrain, front or rear, a snap. Model 424x
Model 424xLC2
New for 2006, this Model 424xLC2 utilizes a pair of 224xLC's along with an ingenious wheelbase adjustment system, the Model 424xLC2 can handle all the popular AWD vehicles on the road today. Along with offering the precise control from the eddy current load absorption units, the system also eliminates any potential speed bias between the two drums. This virtue is critical on some of the latest computer controlled AWD systems Model 424xLC2

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