DWRT The 224xLC dynamometer is the perfect choice for EFI tuning shop. Based on the 224x, the 224xLC offers the ease of use of an inertia dyno, along with the advanced testing capabilities of an Eddy Current Load Control dyno. The 224xLC Dynamometer features a 24" knurled, precision balanced drum, Eddy Current Load Absorption Unit, 2000HP measurement capacity and a max speed of 200 MPG.

The Dynojet 224xLC can perform load tests including step, sweep and custom road-load profiles in all gears and at any throttle position. This dyno can be configured for in-ground installation or above ground using a four-post lift or Dyno Ramps system.

Model 224xLC Standard Features and Equipment

Dynamometer Specifications Information

Below is a list of the Dynamometer specifications. In addition, you can download a pdf specs. document from below. For additional specifications related questions, please give us a call at: 800-992-3525.

Pre-installation Guide
Above Ground Installation Guide
Pit Installation Guide
Pit Dimensions
Above Ground Four Post Lift Dimensions
Maximum Horsepower / Torque
2000 HP / 2000 FT LBS
Maximum Speed
200 MPH / 322 KPH
Wheelbase Minimum
Wheelbase Maximum
Drum Diameter
24 IN / 61 CM
Drum Width
81 IN / 205 CM
Maximum Axle Weight
3000 LBS / 1361 KG per Axle
Air Requirements
100 PSI
Operating Temp Range
32 to 158 F / 0 to 70 C
Timing Accuracy
+/-1 Microsecond
Drum Speed Accuracy
+/-1/100th MPH
RPM Accuracy
+/-1/10th RPM

Shop Requirements for Dynamometer

Forklift Requirements


Components Minimum Requirement Suggested
Operating System Windows 7 or later Windows 7 or later
Processor Dual Core Processor, 2GHz or faster Intel Core i5 2.8GHz or faster
Memory 4GB System Ram 8GB System Ram or more
Hard Drive 100GB or larger (54MB required for program) 500GB or larger (54MB required for program)
Monitor/Graphics Card 1280x1024 (SXGA) resolution or higher 1600x900 resolution or higher
Network Adapter 1 free 10/100Mbps RJ45 Ethernet port 1 free 100Mbps RJ45 or Wireless
External Media CD ROM drive CD ROM drive
Printer Printer, if prints are needed Color printer if prints are needed.


Dynamometer Options and Upgrades

Eddy Current
Eddy Current Load Control Eddy current absorption unit and all necessary hardware to attach to roller. Perform loaded tests, including step, sweep, and closed loop. (pit or above ground)
4wd upgrade
224xAWD Add to an existing model 224x or 224xLC to gain four wheel drive testing capability. Available for pit or above ground installation. Can accommodate 88” to 130” wheelbase (Optional 98” to 140”).
Dynamometer linx upgrade
424 Linx System Mechanically links 424x or 424xLC2 dynos to eliminate potential speed differentials between dyno rollers.
four post lift
Rotary Four-Post Lift (SM-14L) Four-post lift used to raise and lower vehicle for use with an above-ground installed dynamometer. Lift will also function independently from the dyno.
above ground kit
Above-Ground Platform Kit Necessary when using the four-post lift. Consists of a platform for the rear of the dyno with a lift interface kit.
Dynamometer pit covers
Pit Covers Required when installing the dynamometer into a pit/in-ground installation. Covers open areas exposing the dyno roller only.
wideband system
Air/Fuel Ratio Dual Monitor 2 channel module to measure real-time air/fuel using high-flow pump w/ sample tube or bung. Comes with 1 wideband oxygen sensor. Second sensor not included.
wideband system
OBDII Data Link The OBDII Data Link plugs directly into the vehicle’s OBDII port and brings data from the vehicle’s ECM directly into DynoWare RT. When used with CAN-based vehicle ECM's, you can use the OBDII engine RPM channel as your dyno’s primary RPM signal! Data can be viewed in real-time and saved with the dyno graph. Comes with 1 wideband oxygen sensor. Second sensor not included.
optical rpm pickup
Optical RPM Pickup Includes magnetic base, optical sensor and reflective tape. Recommended when testing diesel engine vehicles. Can also be used for other purposes such as measuring pulley slip.
analog module
Analog Channel Accessories Analog Sensor Cable Kit (Used for connecting customer supplied 0-5v sensors to DynoWare RT Main Control Module – includes 4 harness kits).
-14.7-45psi Pressure Sensor Kit (includes 1 sensor and harness)
0-100psi Pressure Sensor Kit (includes 1 sensor and harness)
IR-Temp Sensor Kit Includes 1 0-500F sensor, magnetic base and mounting stand.
O2 Sensor Kits Includes one wideband O2 sensor with harness for use with AFR-2 for dual air/fuel readings. Available in a 6ft or 12 ft harness length.
ex rmp module
EZ RPM Module Receive RPM signal by plugging into cigarette/accessory power port or connect to positive/negative battery posts for RPM signal.
Dynamometer pit covers
Custom Tuning Software Suites Save time and money! Popular tuning packages and software suites are available directly from Dynojet. Shops that are interested in the ability to scan and flash late model Ford and GM vehicles can purchase tuning solutions.
Dynamometer pit covers
Two-Year Extended Warranty Plan Extended two-year warranty provides a total 4-Year “bumper to bumper” warranty on all mechanical and electronic parts. *Wear items such as tiedown straps, O2 sensors, etc. not included

Equipment Lease Options

Dynojet offers competitive and affordable lease-purchase options through programs that are provided by third party Equipment Leasing Partners. Over the years we have developed strong relationships with our vendors and trust in their abilities to provide prompt service, and ‘best in the business’ lease rates for our dyno customers. We have long term partnerships with lease vendors who can facilitate lease/finance programs for all types of buyers – whether you’re a new start-up performance shop or a multi-line dealership.

Our Leasing companies are quick to respond to your needs, and after receiving your basic one-page application, you can expect an offer put together for your lease within 24 hours, many times the same day! Most of our Leases are structured with a $1 buy-out (some states are restricted to a slightly different term) and this makes Leasing your dyno even more attractive.

Equipment Leasing offers several key advantages to a conventional bank loan or standard financing. Here are a few of the key advantages:

  • Tax advantages including easy to implement deductions, and leasing may help you to avoid the Alternative Minimum Tax. A larger deduction, would be more cash in your pocket! Thus reducing the true cost of leasing.
  • No down payment or low down payment. Leases can be structured with very little down, or nothing down, upon approved credit.
  • Some leases can be structured to fit your cash flow needs, such as Seasonal Payment packages, whereby your payments will be higher during your peak earning months (summer) and then lower in the Off-Season (winter).
  • Secure 100% financing, Plus ‘soft costs’ such as computers, installation, shipping, taxes, etc. Usually up to a 10% addition to the primary dyno cost.
  • Conserves capital and credit. This frees up your funds for any immediate needs that may arise such as payroll, or quick capital purchases that may arise.
  • Leasing can offer longer terms than a conventional loan, thus lowering your monthly payment. We currently offer as long as 72 months, in some cases.
  • Hedge against inflation. Your payment will remain the same, for the term of the lease, even if the buying power of the dollar fluctuates.
  • Quick and efficient, as there is very little paperwork for most deals under $50,000, and you will have an offer within 24 hours, most on the same day!

A final thought on leasing - We have done the shopping around for you and our Lease Partners offer the best rates in the leasing business, with a commitment to honesty and integrity.

Some of our customers have procured their own financing and leasing and we do welcome that, however we would caution you to investigate any company that may be offering you a deal that is simply ‘too good to be true’. We recommend a simple Better Business Bureau search, before you sign any documents or send any payments into a funding source that might be questionable.

Leasing or Buying Questions

For more information, contact our Dynamometer Sales Department US toll free: 1-800-992-3525. Locally: 702-399-1423. Optionally, you can send us a quick email using the following contact form: click here to access.

Dynamometer Sales Information

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