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Introducing Building The Thunder — A Harley Build Series

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic

That motorcycle in your garage that has been begging for some upgrades? Maybe now is the time to do it.

If that thought excites you, but scares you at the same time, we’ve got the solution.

Through this content series — Building The Thunder — you’ll get to know self-professed gearhead Ted DuPuis, who is building up his 2009 Harley FLHTCUI, also known as Electra Glide Ultra Classic. 

Dynojet is proud to sponsor Ted’s build, and Ted has been gracious enough to walk you through the process. If you’ve never done this before, he’ll explain the tools needed for the job, as well as the methods used to get the most out of your bike.

If you’re a horsepower junkie — or dream of becoming one — you’ll enjoy this.

About Ted DuPuis

Ted is an engineer and pilot who has spent years tuning and working on airplane engines, and he’s also a lifelong automotive enthusiast. His first car was a 1982 Jaguar XJ-S V12 that had no steering wheel or dashboard, and that just started his passion for modifying and building up vehicles. Currently, he’s building a Shelby Cobra replica that he’s built the engine for. 

In college, Ted got his first motorcycle — an '84 Kawasaki KZ 700 with over 100,000 miles on it — and has owned a dozen motorcycles since then. However, the Harley that he’s building in this series is special, a gift from his wife. He’s loved riding it all over the scenic, twisty roads in Pennsylvania, but has always thought it could use some more horsepower.

“Despite being someone who's tuned engines that leave the factory to fly thousands of feet above the Earth, and someone who has worked as a professional mechanic fixing and upgrading customer cars, I've spent comparatively little time turning wrenches on and modifying motorcycles,” Ted wrote. “Dynojet's products are crafted for the needs of all of us who are looking to get better performance out of our engines, with the tools and knowledge to get these engines running their best. Without a proper tune, the high-horsepower goodies that I'll be installing before long would be useless. With Dynojet, I can focus on turning the wrenches, and their products can focus on making sure that my motorcycle runs as great as it should once it's put back together.”

About the build

Ted’s Harley has just under 10,000 miles on it, so it’s still fairly low mileage. 

Dynojet experts have worked with Ted to figure out a plan for this build, starting with our popular Power Vision fuel tuner

We’ve also recommended these parts, from S&S:

  • 110 cubic inch big bore Power Package
  • El Dorado Mk45 muffler/header Package
  • Chrome Stealth Teardrop Air Cleaner Kit

Other upgrades:

  • K&N oil filter
  • Pirelli Night Dragon tires
  • Premium Harley-Davidson oil cooler

First dyno run

Before the modifications begin, Ted took his bike to Powerhouse Cycle and Dyno in Grandview, MO, for a baseline dyno run.

A technician explained what has been done to the Harley prior to this initial run:

In its current state, Ted’s Harley cranked out 75.64 HP. Here’s a closer look at the dyno graph:

Dyno graph

Follow along these next few weeks, and you can learn how to take your bike from stock to speedster!