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Dynojet's Target Tune: What Does it Do?

Dynojet's Target Tune: What Does it Do?

When it comes to optimizing your fuel ratio control is key, and nothing gives more control than Dynojet’s Target Tune fuel management system in tandem with our bestselling Power Vision. We’ll lay out how it works and why it’s a great upgrade from the stock system.

What Does The Basic Power Vision Do Without the Target Tune?

The Power Vision for Harley Davidson motorcycles has a basic option of automatic fuel tuning called Auto Tune Basic, but it is extremely limited compared to the Target Tune and only works on motorcycles that have a narrowband sensor in stock trim.

Auto Tune Basic can watch and record multiple bike runs and then creates a tune based on your ride style that can be flashed on to the bike.

Sound cool? It is, but it is also flawed without Target Tune installed as well. Because Auto Tune Basic works with stock narrowband sensors the choice of tuning ratios is limited. Think of it as looking at your ECU’s fuel table through a magnifying glass. You can tune accurately with what you can see, but there’s a lot that isn’t available for you to utilize.

The other downside is change over time. When your Power Vision flashes one of those customized tunes it may be perfect right then. But with different atmospheric conditions and drive styles that optimal ratio gets farther away with every rev of the engine.

Perfect It With Target Tune

Target Tune, on the other hand, doesn’t have any of these restrictions. Starting with the O2 sensors, Target Tune upgrades your bike’s stock narrowband sensors to the more versatile wideband variety. This opens up your view of fueling options to any air/fuel ratio that your ECU can create.

Remember that perfect tune your Power Vision created? Target Tune can keep that air/fuel ratio consistently accurate in any condition that you ride. Target Tune targets the optimal air/fuel ratio and adjusts it as you ride to keep up with changing drive styles and atmospheric conditions like humidity or altitude. This makes your fuel ratio stay perfect without needing to reflash.

How Do You Install It?

For such a powerful tool installation is surprisingly simple. The control module attaches with OEM connectors to the bike so the Power Vision will be able to tune and read data easily. The most difficult part is upgrading to wideband sensors to replace the stock narrowbands. This requires you to install a 18x1.5mm O2 bung into your exhaust to accept the wideband sensor, but this you can take to any shop and be done in a flash.

Who is Target Tune Perfect For?

Target Tune isn’t just great for professional riders looking to get an edge on the competition, it’s great for more casual riders as well.

Bikers who go on road trips of any length will love the Target Tune because it keeps everything in top condition from beachside to high-altitude mountains. This can help maintain the best gas mileage possible to save you some time and money while on the journey.