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Off-Roaders to the Rescue

Off-road vehicles aren’t just for fun, sometimes they can help saves lives in dire situations.

With larger tires, lift kits and increased torque they are ideal for extreme conditions like heavy snow or steep inclines.

One group of off-roaders in Kansas City, MO put together a volunteer team that helped first responders get to work during the recent extreme winter weather. This one group alone has over 100 volunteers that are available to help hospital staff, police and fire fighters get safely to work to help those in need.

Another thing off-road vehicles are uniquely equipped for is towing. A second group of crawlers in Colorado have a volunteer community to help rescue people who have gotten stuck on back roads to relieve some of the stress off the local police. Each car they use is equipped with rings for towing and tools like shovels for digging through snow. They help with a wide variety of rescue missions from cars stuck in mud to more dire situations like rolled cars that are stuck in ditches or down in ravines. They also require special training courses for every volunteer to make sure they are equipped for any emergency.

Most of these rescue missions are done with lifted cars like jeeps and SUV’s, but smaller operations like carrying people or supplies in emergencies can be done using any well-equipped off-roading vehicle like UTV’s or snow mobiles.

One small thing that has gone viral among those who enjoy the great outdoors is the #trashtag. Many off-roaders have decided to help pick up debris in the parks and recreation areas they love to keep them clean and safe for future generations or even just for the next visitor who comes along. These kinds of smaller efforts are perfect for vehicles like ATV’s and dirt bikes that can get into more remote areas and trails that people may be using and leaving trash behind.

Most people just use their off-road vehicles for fun, but they can do some real good too.