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Power Vision 2019 Harley-Davidson Support

Power Vision 2019 Harley-Davidson Support

We’ve had our hands on quite a few 2019 H-D models and have been pouring over the calibrations, as well as identifying new software levels.

Based on what we’ve seen so far the Power Vision supports most models, so you can read the ECM and start tuning in WinPV right now.  The current PV Tune Database and firmware available on the PV Update Client will cover all models, however, there is a new software level for Milwaukee 8 114ci equipped models.

The new software level is 921 and required some development work on our part, but we’re proud to announce that we’ve added support.

Currently, support for 921 is available by request only as we continue beta testing and creating new tunes to add to the PV Tune Database. If you wish to work with these beta tools, please send an email to PVtech@dynojet.com and request “921 beta tools”.