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Power Vision doesn't have a Pre-Loaded Tune for your Bike?

We're making every effort to ensure that we have a tune for popular modifications for all years / models, but on earlier bikes (pre-’06) you may find there is a very limited selection or no tunes at all.

  • Note:  You should be aware that the tunes available on the website; http://www.dynojet.com/powervision/powervision-tunes.aspx are the EXACT same tunes that are available on the Power Vision itself under “Program Vehicle > Dynojet Pre-Configured Tunes”.  If your Power Vision is up to date (use the Update Client), then you’ll have all the same tunes that are listed on the website.

Can’t find a tune on the Power Vision for your bike?  There are a few options:

  1. If you don’t find an exact match, then look for similar combinations that will be a close match.  For example, if you boil it down, there are really only a few combinations:
  • Stock Improved – completely stock bike with no aftermarket parts fitted
  • Air Cleaner / Slip-on
  • Air Cleaner / Full Exhaust System
  • Air Cleaner / Full Exhaust System / Cam
  • Air Cleaner / Full Exhaust System / Cam / Increased Displacement

The Power Vision calibration ID’s tell the story, besides the full description that’s available on the website or on the Power Visions display.  For example, the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th digit give you an indication of the “Tune Level”.  Find a Tune Level that’s closest to your combination, read the description, and then chose the closest match.

Tune Level    


Stock Improved


Air Cleaner




Full System




Increased Disp.

  • 10T096002301.pvt indicates that this is an “Air Cleaner / Slip-on” tune
  • 10T096002401.pvt indicates that this is an “Air Cleaner / Full Exhaust System” tune
  • 10T096245601.pvt indicates that this is an “Air Cleaner / Full Exhaust System / Cam / Increased Displacement ” tune


  1. You can always use a “Copy of Original” function under “Program Vehicle > Load Copy”.  This will allow you to save a copy of the tune that was in the ECM when the Power Vision married to your bike.  From there you can open this tune in WinPV and edit the tune to meet your needs.  You can edit the fuel tables, spark tables, VE tables, idle, and many other parameters.
  2. On earlier bikes, especially those without closed loop fuel control, the PC Map Import feature works quite well.  The PC Map Import feature allows you to take advantage of over 1000 maps that are available for certain mods on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.  Using the process described in #1 from above (Copy of Original) as the “base tune” you can actually import a Power Commander map directly into your Copy of Original and end up with a custom tune for your combination of parts.
  3. Email PVtech@dynojet.com and we’ll be able to assist you with any of these options, or even create a base tune for you.  Your email should include the original back up tune, and to acquire that just follow these steps:

Note: if you’ve already locked the Power Vision to your bike’s ECM and the original tune has been backed up on the Power Vision (which is automatic), and you’ve already attached your Power Vision to your computer and run WinPV, the original backup should already be on your computer here >> C:\ My Documents\Power Vision\Original Tunes.  If you have NOT locked your Power Vision to an ECM, or if the original backup is NOT in the default location, then follow the steps below!

  • Plug in the PV to the bike’s diagnostic port / connector
  • Turn the bike to the on position (key on, kill switch to "on", engine off)
  • Go to “Vehicle Tools” on the Power Vision after it boots up
  • Select “Read ECM”
  • Let the process complete, and then remove the PV from the bike.
  • Launch WinPV
  • Go to “Get ECM Data” on the Tool Bar
  • Select the stock calibration, it should be something like this “08-HHH-JFFTZNK-8282206b.stk”
  • Save that file locally on your PC
  • Email that files to PVtech@dynojet.com