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Secondary Clutch Tool

Secondary Clutch Tool

Have you checked your Polaris Side-By-Side clutches lately, or even replaced the belt?

If you’ve tinkered inside the clutch cover housing, you’ve noticed that removing the belt on the non-Turbo XP  models can be troubling.

The small, black, factory tool is designed to wedge into the slider or roller area of the secondary clutch, grip the inner wall of the fixed sheave spring cup, and force the movable sheave inward. Sometimes the tool will grab firmly as it cams over to hold the sheave spread, and other times this becomes a headache to merely remove the belt to replace it, examine the clutches, or install new components.

Enter the Dynojet Secondary Clutch tool for the Polaris General, Ranger, RZR 900, 1000S, and XP1000. This handy widget is designed reduce the headache involved with a simple task - removing your belt. Functionally identical to the factory tool, this Belt Removal tool features a perfected end radius, a tip that grips into the notch more effectively than the stock tool, and an ergonomically contoured handle to decrease stress on the operator’s hand thus reducing the chance of breaking a sweat. Of course, the flashy red anodized finish makes your tool easier to locate in the tool bag while adding some flare to your project.  And, once you’ve completed your task, the integrated bottle opener makes popping the top on a cold brew a worthy reward.