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UTV World Championships 2019 Schedule

UTV World Championships 2019 Schedule
The UTV World Championship is right around the corner and we're revving up to cheer on our sponsored drivers. We won't have a designated booth but our experts will be there helping our racers get their UTV's tuned to perfection. Have a question? We'll be decked out in Dynojet gear so we're easy to find or come over to pit area #2925 to see us in action.

Our title sponsored racer this year is Jeramiah Drew who finished 3rd last year in the Pro UTV Unlimited Class in B.I.T.D. He has 5 years of experience on the track and has won multiple podiums. He currently races on a military veteran’s team and field tests all our UTV products to peak perfection.

Want information on our sponsored drivers? Look below for the race event schedule to keep an eye out for our Dynojet colors.

Friday April 5th:

Youth 170 Race 12:30pm

Jaxon Leaming, XTC Racing #866

Braden Krah, Xtreme Mfg, #177

Ali Easton, #190

Zoe Easton, #124

Travis Sallee, #171

Youth 250 Race 1:15pm

Travis Dallee, #71

Youth 570 Race 2:15pm

Ruslan Yankilevich, #598

Alexia Leaming, XTC Racing #566

Saturday April 6th:

Rally Sportman 6am

Mike Pascarella, Desert Vets Racing #906

Pro UTV (N.A.) and Pro UTV Unlimited 12pm

Jeramiah Drew, XP Warrior Racing #2925

Ryan Ottersberg, Factory Elite #1983

George Felix/KJ Mitchell, Felix Racing #1958

Mike Pascarella, CLS Racing #1807

Austin Emehiser, EMG #1818

Mike DeLey, #1907

Rivershore Motorsports #1976

Rivershore Motorsports, #1977

UTV Turbo 4pm

Colt Brinkerhoff, Brinkerhoff Racing, #T845

Sunday April 7th:

Short Course 1000 6:30am

Dean (Boomer) Wheeler, Ginger Racing #154

Candace Cowan, DC Motorsports, #900

Turbo Short Course 8:30am

Jeremiah Wagner, #77