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Virtually Expand Your Skillset with The Tuning School

The Tuning School Dynojet dyno class

Now is the perfect time to get an upper hand on your local competition and boost your shop’s credibility — with online and from-home learning courses from The Tuning School.

Through classes from The Tuning School (a Dynojet partner), you and your employees will have the latest and most up-to-date tuning knowledge on the market. Based in Florida, The Tuning School has been a vital resource for Dynojet dyno owners through in-person classes, but in these difficult times, many shop owners are turning to the school’s online and from-home education to sharpen their skills.

As we’ve covered before, getting you and your staff up to speed with courses from The Tuning School is a smart way to boost your return on investment from your Dynojet dyno. Students can easily take lessons learned virtually and apply it to the dyno in their shop.

“I compare it to someone who has a home gym versus someone who is just doing a simple workout in the garage,” The Tuning School’s Sales and Business Development Manager Josh Hofstra said. “The guy who has the home gym is able to really flex the muscles a lot more and get a lot more out of it, more than the person who doesn’t have anything. Having a dyno allows you to actually put the practice into motion.”

Currently, The Tuning School has three online courses: GM HP Tuners Level 1, Ford Ecoboost and Intro to How the ECM Operates. They also offer several learn-at-home bundles that include a laptop and printed courses, allowing dyno owners to receive a textbook and learn that way. Hofstra says that more online courses are in development.

If you’ve been interested in honing your skills through The Tuning School, this is a great time to do so. You don’t have to travel to Florida to upgrade your tuning knowledge, and you’re welcome to sign up for a physical course when it’s safe to do so. In the past couple of months, with non-essential travel on hold, Hofstra said they’ve seen a surge of interest in online learning. 

Similar to how students all over the country connect with teachers online, The Tuning School works with its pupils through video conferencing. Hofstra says that this has opened things up to people who learn differently and may prefer online learning to an in-classroom experience. Just like The Tuning School’s real classroom, there’s step-by-step guidance and live interaction. 

Online and printed courses have been huge overseas, as the burden of travel has been lifted, allowing dyno owners located around the world to gain the latest and best knowledge for their customers.

Hofstra said that interest and enrollment in online and printed courses has been so strong, The Tuning School plans to expand this segment even after travel and social distancing requirements are lifted.

“The fact that we’re able to have a live conversation with our students, it makes it just as comparable as if you were in person,” Hofstra said. “That’s been a huge thing for us, just being able to see how flexible learning really is. Knowledge isn’t just based on having a teacher in front of you. You can learn so many different ways.”

For more information about The Tuning School’s online courses, click here.