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Ways To Generate Revenue With Your Dynojet Dyno

Dynojet dynamometer

A Dynojet dynamometer is one of the biggest investments your shop can make. A well-utilized dyno can pay for itself in under 18 months — drawing in new business and offering incredible value to current customers.

Adding a dyno to your shop gives you the vital currency of credibility, as customers will trust that they’re getting the most accurate reading possible. Whether you have a mobile dyno or one set in your workshop, you have a way to not only let vehicle owners know how much horsepower they’re getting — you’re also setting the baseline for future modifications.

While simply selling dyno runs can be a great source of revenue, there are many ways your dyno can help supercharge your revenue. You know your client base and local area better than anyone, so you can change and alter these ideas to best fit your environment. 

If you have a dyno already or are considering getting one, you’ll definitely need to know these additional ways a dyno can boost your revenues.

The Tuning School

Step your game up by enrolling in The Tuning School, so you can provide the highest quality of service to customers, who will keep coming back to your shop. 

There are online learning classes, as well as hands-on education that gives your staff the knowledge they need to get the job done right the first time. 

Learning from The Tuning School will help your shop have the most knowledgeable employees around, increase sales and boost customer retention. You’ll be able to keep high-paying tuning and calibration labor and parts upgrades in-house and improve customer trust by showing that quality training is important to your business.

With training from The Tuning School, you’ll be able to guide customers in their journey from stock to custom.


Dyno Days

An open house is a great way to bring new business to your shop. Reach out to local enthusiasts' clubs, offering special one-day-only rates on a dyno run. You’ll make up the difference with bulk, and introduce your shop to several new customers.

A dyno day open house can appeal to two core customer bases: those who want to diagnose tuning issues with their vehicle (which your shop can handle, of course) and those who want to get an accurate reading on their vehicle’s performance. A Dynojet dyno produces accurate and repeatable results that are trusted by enthusiasts and shop owners alike. 

You can also add a competitive element to the dyno day with a shootout. Maybe two members of a local club want to see who truly gets more horsepower. Hook both vehicles up to the dyno and let the best car win. You can even have an HP leaderboard with some sort of prize for the owner of the vehicle that generates the most that day. You’ll have people looking forward to the next dyno day, or booking sessions to see how they can boost their own performance.

You’ll be able to provide accurate printouts for all drivers, so they can see exactly how their vehicle is running, giving them a tangible reminder of your shop’s value.

This will not only generate excitement for your business but allow you to establish a valuable relationship with local racers and enthusiasts.


Performance Packages

Now that a customer has learned what their vehicle can make at stock performance (or even well-tuned), the natural question is: “How much more horsepower can I get?”

With Dynojet’s performance packages, you can offer more than just measurement — you can offer more power. 

We’ve seen that one of the most effective ways to generate more revenue with your Dynojet dyno is through selling performance packages. Rather than just offering a tune and assorted parts, these packages help customers save money by bundling essential parts, allowing you to sell horsepower upgrades. 

Instead of just selling dyno time, you’re selling parts and labor to go along with it, making your shop a one-stop-shop for performance. The dyno graph will show the “before” performance levels, allowing the customer to see themselves zooming along with even more power, thanks to the performance package you’ve sold them. 

You can also keep a binder handy in a high-visibility spot, showing dyno runs at stock, compared to those with performance packages installed.

Those competitive juices will flow, and they’ll ask how they can get a boost of power.


More Ideas

  • UTV Runs

Car owners aren’t the only ones looking to push the envelope when it comes to horsepower. UTV racing is a growing community, and UTV owners are just as serious about their vehicles. Advertising that your Dynojet dyno can get the most accurate reading for their UTVs — and that your shop can help them achieve better performance — can be a huge financial boost. 

  • Renting Out Your Dyno

Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean you can’t make some money with your Dynojet dyno.

Especially if you live near a racetrack (or in an area with plenty of speed enthusiasts), you can rent out your dyno after hours or on weekends, enabling race teams and other companies to get accurate performance readings. 

  • Flyers

Advertise the fact that you have a Dynojet dyno and can provide accurate readings by passing out fliers or special offer cards at swap meets, auto shows and anywhere else car lovers unite. This is ideal if you have a dyno day or open house coming up, and want to reach out to people in your local community.

We back all of our dyno owners, who can go to dynojet.com for free logos and artwork to help promote your Dynojet dyno.

  • Dyno Dollars

As a way to introduce your regular customers to the dyno, you can offer “dyno dollars,” with every product you sell. These dyno dollars can be redeemed to help pay for dyno runs. Much like frequent flyer miles, this is a great way to offer additional value to your customers, while enticing them to put their vehicle to the test on your Dynojet dyno.

Dyno owners: What are some marketing tactics that have worked for you?