Clutch Kits

Perfecting your air/fuel ratio is only the first piece of the UTV upgrades puzzle. The next step is to make sure your hardware can handle all the extra power your engine is creating. This is why Dynojet has designed our own customizable clutch kit made specifically to handle more power and give you a better performance. It can be optimized for any terrain from racing at top speeds to climbing boulders, and is adjustable so it can easily switch from one to the other to keep you pushing the limit no matter where you are.

Custom For You

Our clutch kits are highly customizable due to one thing: magnets. The three adjustable arms have multiple locations to add magnetic weights, making them lighter or heavier for whatever the terrain requires. It also includes multiple spring options for more or less power absorption.

  • Magnets included
  • Easily adjustable
  • Redesigned helix
clutch magnets

Pedal to the Metal

Clutch kits are what puts your power to the wheels, so it really needs to be perfected to get your UTV to max speeds. Our clutch gives you faster back shifting, improved acceleration, and smoother engagement for an overall improved drive experience.

  • Increased belt life
  • Increased top speed
  • Dyno developed and field tested
full clutch

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