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Optimize your motorcycle for any riding condition with the Power Commander V. This powerful fuel tuner is now available in a smaller size than ever before and can be connected to a computer through USB to track your progress. It can hold two maps at a time for multiple drive options and is easy to install to get you back on the road faster. With a -100/250+ % change range, our fuel tuner has more options and features to get your bike to optimal efficiency or to maximize your power and torque. Make sure your vehicle is running at its maximum potential without the guesswork. Need something at a lower price tag with similar tuning capability? Our Power Commander Fuel Controller may fit the bill. An easy-to-install plug-and-play kit that is programmed with specific maps for your motorcycle that can be altered on the fly right from the device. It may not have the monitoring or upgrade capability, but for tuning your bike, it's the perfect companion.



  • Individual cylinder and gear mapping
  • Ten throttle position columns
  • Gear input: Map adjustment based on gear and speed
  • Enhanced “accel pump” utility
  • Analog input

Piggyback Fuel Tuner

The Power Commander V is a unique fuel tuning device because it can monitor and maintain your air/fuel ratio without directly changing the ECU. To reinstate your stock settings, all you need to do is uninstall the device, and you’re done.

Upgradable Power

Our Power Commander V is a powerful tuning device on its own, but what makes it a real powerhouse is the other compatible upgrades. From Ignition Modules for adjusting timing to Quickshifters and more, our Power Commander V is the first step for a full bike overhaul.


Description Size Download
Power Commander V User Guide (1.13 MB) 1.13 MB download-icon
Power Commander V Software (11.39 MB) 11.39 MB download-icon
Power Commander V Firmware - Version 1.14.2 (Power Core) (200.47 kB) 200.47 kB download-icon

Power Core Software

Unlock Your Potential

  • PC-based
  • Connects dynamometer runs with fuel tuners
  • Adjusts/creates calibrations and maps
PowerCore fuel tuning software
PowerCore fuel tuning software compare power data

Compare Your Data

Our C3 Tuning Software can store all of your data from your fuel tuner onto your computer and compare it side by side for even more insight into your performance.

PowerCore fuel tuning air fuel ratio adjustment

Advanced Tuning Capability

Our PowerCore software does far more than compare data; it also helps you tune like never before. It can create maps with up to 30 throttle positions, designate target AFRs for each map cell, and map multiple cylinders simultaneously. You’ll be the master of any machine in no time.

PowerCore fuel tuning software air fuel ratio changes

Clear Displays

Display and read your data in whatever form you need to get the best tune possible. PowerCore can stream your live data and display it as power cells or graphs for comparisons and easy diagnostics.

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