Jet Kits

The product that put Dynojet on the map and made us an authority in the fuel tuning world, our Jet Kits help vehicles with carburetors optimize their air/fuel ratio for power and performance.

Stages of Power

Our jet kits were made to upgrade vehicles with any level of modification. Our stage 1 kit was designed to easily modify stock vehicles and stages 2 and 3 upgrade vehicles with light modifications or racing capability.

  • Available for multiple vehicles
  • For carburetor vehicles only
  • 5-8% power range
jet kit

Immediate Results

Once your Jet Kit is installed, your upgrades will be available as soon as your engine revs up again. Increase your power and smoothness through the entire rev range as well as maintaining fuel economy.

  • Increase power
  • Increase drivability
  • Fully adjustable
jet kit

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