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Power Commander EX Product Introduction

The Power Commander EX offers virtually the same tuning functionality as our Γö£├│╬ô├⌐┬╝Γö╝├┤race onlyΓö£├│╬ô├⌐┬╝Γö¼┬Ñ Power Commander line, while at the same time complying with the California ARB regulations. On 2007 Harley-Davidson (and the 2006 Dyna) the Power Commander EX interfaces with the bikes’ stock 02 sensors to provide optimal fuel economy. Additionally, it allows fuel mapping capability (both fuel and timing) at higher RPM and throttle opening for maximum horsepower and torque.

Map Compatability

The PCII EX is compatible with our patented Tuning Link Software. Custom maps can be developed in much the same way as the “race only” version. Maps made for the “race only” Power Commander can be loaded into the Power Commander EX and are automatically converted to the proper format.

Harley Davidson Specific Features

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are unique and so is the Power Commander for them. Not only does the Power Commander EX for HD applications offer full fuel adjustability (+/-50%, it also incorporates a built-in ignition module. Ignition timing changes of up to +4 /- 10 degrees from stock can be made.

Additionally, the unit includes our Rev X-tend features that allow the user to increase the stock rev limiter to 6, 200 rpm without having to take the bike to a dealer for an expensive ECU update. Like the rest of the Power Commander line, the Power Commander EX for Harley-Davidson motorcycles can map each cylinder for maximum performance regardless of the combination of parts being used.

Power Commander EX Specific Features

  • Works with Any Exhaust
  • Increased Horsepower & Torque
  • Dynamometer Tested & Development Maps
  • Rev X-tend (a $200 value) (Increase stock rev limiter)
  • Individual Cylinder Mapping
  • Ignition Timing Adjustment
  • Reduces or eliminates Decel Popping


Power Commander III USB EX for Triumph Sprint ST / GT Tunes Available

Power Commander III USB EX for Triumph Sprint ST / GT has tunes, see below

  • 514-000 Zero Map
  • 514-001 Completely Stock Bike with Dynojet 02 Sensor Controller installed
  • 514-002 Triumph slipons,Stock or aftermarket air filter,Dynojet O2 controller,Tune #020106



  • Powercommander has been discontinued



Description Size Download
Power Commander III USB Control Center Software - Version 3.2.1 (3.14 MB) 3.14 MB download-icon
Power Commander III USB Reprogrammer Software (to Install Firmware) - Version (389.84 kB) 389.84 kB download-icon
Power Commander III USB Accelerator Pump Enable - Version 3.2.1 (823.32 kB) 823.32 kB download-icon
Firmware Update Instructions (596.52 kB) 596.52 kB download-icon
Manual del Usuario del Power Commander III USB (Spanish Version) (1.49 MB) 1.49 MB download-icon
Power Commander III USB Control Center Software User Guide (846.78 kB) 846.78 kB download-icon
Power Commander USB Pump Utility Installation Guide (417.61 kB) 417.61 kB download-icon

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