Power Commander

Whether you're on the backroads ripping through the mud and climbing boulders or cruising down the highway at 75 mph, our Power Commander V can upgrade your ride. With tracking, tuning, and monitoring capability, this fuel tuner can easily and effectively optimize your air/fuel ratio without directly changing the ECU. This makes it super easy to revert back to stock options whenever you need to.

Powerful Tuning

Our Power Commander tuning device is a powerful device that can completely overhaul your driving experience. Attached to your vehicle as a piggyback device that optimizes your air/fuel ratio, this device can then be easily uninstalled to return to stock settings.

  • Two-position map switching function built in (map switch not included)
  • Gear input
  • Analog input
  • Enhanced 'accel pump' utility
Power Commander V

Track Your Progress

For tuning, our Power Commander is a truly powerful device, but its tracking and monitoring is what truly sets it apart. It easily connects to any computer through USB and has a -100/+250% fuel change range for more adjustment possibilities. With 10 throttle positions and the ability to monitor your rides for later tuning use, the Power Commander V is one of the most versatile tuners on the market.

  • Monitor and track your progress
  • Works with PowerCore Software Suite
  • Map each cylinder and gear individually
Power Commander V

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