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Most of today’s high-performance, four-cylinder sport bikes have two injectors per cylinder. The Power Commander V connects to 4 of those 8 injectors. In virtually all cases, the PCV’s +250% / -100% fuel adjustability allows more than enough adjustment for all but the most radically altered engines. However, the Secondary Fuel Module allows those that there are building heavily modified engines (extreme big bore, turbo, etc.) to connect to all 8 injectors to maximize performance.

Upgraded Capability

The Power Commander V Secondary Fuel Module connects to the upper injector rail using OEM connectors. From there, it is only a single cable connection to the PCV. Once connected, you will be able to adjust both upper and lower injectors by as much as +250/-100%. If the gear position input is connected to your PCV, you will have the ability to adjust all of the injectors on a “per gear” basis (a complete map for every gear) as well as the ability to map each injector separately.

  • Up to 48 complete maps
  • Easily connects using OEM connectors
  • Adjusts up to +250/-100% on both injectors

Multiple Tuning Options

There is also be a "basic" mode that allows you to have a single fuel table that simply puts the requested fuel change in both upper and lower injector modules at the same time. For those of you that have modified engines that require more fuel than 4 injectors can provide, but do not need the complexity of mapping each cylinder and each gear separately, this setting is for you.

  • Allows for Quick Shifter use on 8-injector bikes
  • Single fuel table option
  • Increased fuel adjustability



Faster, easier shifting for an overall increase in comfort and speed.


Automatically keeps your air/fuel ratio at your optimal settings and more.

Ignition Module

Optimize your spark advance curves for perfectly timed power

Wideband Commander

Upgrades your O2 sensors for more precision and tuning capability.