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No matter which variation of our Wideband you choose, your air/fuel ratio will be able to take you to new speeds and power. These wideband sensors are either available in tandem with our Power Vision CX or can be used as a stand-alone device for any vehicle.

Wideband CX

The more sophisticated of our Wideband sensors, this diagnostics tool can easily communicate with Dynojet’s Power Vision CX and ensures real-time AFR accuracy. It views and logs all of your AFR data inside your Power Vision to later be used in your PowerCore Software Suite for tuning.

  • Connects through diagnostics port
  • Views and datalogs AFR data
  • Plug-and-play kit
  • Works only with Power Vision CX

Wideband 2

A stand-alone device, this diagnostics tool can be used on nearly any vehicle from cars to lawnmowers. Though the Wideband 2 doesn’t have a direct way to connect to the ECM, it can still give you data on the air/fuel ratio to then help you tune the vehicle normally.

  • No other device needed
  • Can be used on most vehicles
  • Allows for expansion options
  • One wire RPM hookup



Faster, easier shifting for an overall increase in comfort and speed.


Automatically keeps your air/fuel ratio at your optimal settings and more.

Target Tune

Automatically keeps your air/fuel ratio at your optimal settings and more

Secondary Fuel Module

Allows for more adjustments on each individual fuel injector for tuning modified engines.